TOP 5 Reasons why Illustration is Important for Businesses

Illustrations are all around us and they keep on inspiring us. From google doodles to “tiny car” that appears on your Uber app, it is impossible to think of modern communication without illustrations or graphics.Illustrations are required to communicate certain ideas which otherwise cannot be effectively conveyed via texts or photographs.

Typical Uber app screen where nearby cars are shown as simple yet meaningful illustration.

Below are top 5 reasons why it is absolute essential for modern businesses to use illustrations to engage with wider audience.

1. Story Telling by means of Illustrations

Let us be honest, no one wants to read tons n tons of text and definitely NOT when it is about explaining your products or services. Also, it’s hard for stock photographs to look unique, especially when so many of the photos come from the same stock photography websites. Part of what makes a successful brand is its ability to differentiate itself from its competitors. When companies want to stand out, they often turn to illustrations.

One of the biggest strengths of using illustration is that it is based on ideas and not reality, as photographs tend to be. They can be crafted to communicate exactly what you want to convey and can often make complex ideas easier to understand. It is also easier to create a very individual style and feel using illustration than it is with photography. In below illustration video, Evernote has very effective used simple yet effective illustrations to communicate their story.

2. Infographics Rule

Infographics are those cool poster-like illustrations you see floating around the web. It is usually a collection of data presented in visual form. Most of us process information based on what we see. 65 percent of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network.

To show us the data on why visual content and infographics are effective — and why brands can benefit from using infographics in their marketing — check out this infographic by Market Domination Media.


3. Maximum impact advertising


An advertisement campaign needs to draw the attention of the audience and make the product or service stand out from the crowd. Really effective advertisements blend in all the elements at hand to deliver a message which is loud and clear.
Much before photography became commonplace, illustrations were used to draw attention and promote products and services.
Illustrations give far more artistic freedom when it comes to depicting conceptual solutions. It can portray fictional characters and fantasy scenarios.

For Earth day, this simple yet effective illustration poster advertainment for Jeep.

4. Product Packaging

In case you are a consumer product company, a great package will make your product pop. Unlike other types of design, packaging is super personal. Your customers deserve easy to understand and beautiful package that invites them to take your product home.

Businesses are turning to illustrators for product development start from theme to final packaging. Illustrations used as a part of product packaging are changing the way businesses are interacting with customers. There are thousands of products in any supermarket, how do you ensure that consumers pick yours? You can make them unique by use of illustrations e.g.Paper Boat Drinks is one such company to utilize illustrations for all their product lines and managed to compete with the biggest names in the similar space.

5. Cost Effective

Each business these days is extremely cost sensitive. Marketing is definitely one of the biggest cost center and business heads are looking at ways to reduce their marketing cost without compromising on quality. Illustrations are highly cost effective as compared to other ways to implement in visual communication. Specially photography which might requires location work, extensive sets, props, models along with digital optimization. Refer to dropboxcorporate website, they have used simple illustrations on their landing page and throughout the website.

Paper Boat using minimal yet attractive illustrations on their product packaging.

Illustrations are critical components for modern businesses. As part of our Illustration Design vertical at Sacred Fig Design, we have a team of passionate illustrators to understand your business requirements and convert them into illustrations which would help you engage with your customers in more meaningful ways. Get in touch with us at